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www.boltesports.com is a games update-sharing platform that helps people to find out about the latest games, and updates of games and helps people to understand the games better and easy to understand the latest updates of games. We publish content on our website. We value gaming and the future of gaming. And I started this website because of one reason and that is that provide information about updates on games. Growing up I liked playing games but whenever there were new updates I could not find them then I decided that I will do startup a website where I will share accurate and important information.

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Our mission is to inspire people and be aware of gaming businesses. We post quality content and genuine information related to gaming to keep people updated. Our mission is to provide information all over the world without any charge. I am very sure that our website is really beneficial for gamers of any age. We will share our thoughts on the given topics:

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About Us

My Name is Thakur Chetan Singh. I am a Banker by Profession but Blogger by passion. I take care of the Back End and Front End Development of the Website. I also write blogs for www.boltesports.com. I have been doing this since 2019 and have good experience in blogging. I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge and learning in the form of Blogs. To Know More About me Checkout my Social Media Handles.

If you have any queries feel free to ask us at boltesportsyt@gmail.com

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