Is Esports Dying? Future of Esports


Esports is a form of video gaming competition. In games like League of Legends and Fortnite, players and teams battle it out. The development of technology and online connectivity has contributed to its rise in popularity on a global scale. To draw in millions of people, esports competitions are broadcast online from arenas or stadiums. … Read more

20 Best Moba Games for Android


MOBA games, or multiplayer online battle arena games, are online multiplayer games designed specifically for mobile devices running the Android operating system. In these games, two teams of players compete against one another in a virtual arena. The player assumes control of a special character with special abilities and duties, frequently referred to as a … Read more

Five Most Popular and Richest Gamers in the Online Gaming World

Five-Most-Popular-and-Richest-Gamers -in-the-Online-Gaming-World

Online gaming communities and related online activities are referred to as the “online gaming world.” This covers online player interactions, streaming, multiplayer video games, esports, and other activities. A global community can be built by players in this virtual setting as they connect, play together, compete, and interact. Online gaming has developed into a robust … Read more

What is the Future of Esports in India 2023


The future of esports in India is promising. India has the potential to play a significant role in the global esports business thanks to its sizable population of tech-savvy young people and its expanding gaming community. The number of gamers has increased as a result of more people having access to the internet and more … Read more

What Trends are Expected in the World of Esports 2023


The term “Trend” describes a pattern or advancement that has become well-liked and well-known in a certain industry or sector. Trends in the realm of e-sports refer to established and new trends in the world of competitive gaming. Electronic sports, or eSports, are formally sanctioned video game tournaments in which professional players or teams compete … Read more

Top 10 Best Female Esports Players in 2023


In organized video game events, female esports refers to female competitors. There are sports that are equal to men in eSports, but traditionally women have had fewer opportunities and faced prejudice. Efforts are being made to encourage and advance gender equality in the industry. Here are the top 10 best female esports players in 2023. … Read more

PUBG Unban in India 2023: Krafton’s New CEO Addresses the Exciting Development

pubg unban in india

After a long period of anticipation, PUBG Mobile fans in India can finally rejoice as the popular battle royale game has been unbanned in the country. The ban, which was imposed in September 2020 due to data privacy concerns, had left millions of Indian gamers disappointed. However, in 2023, the game made a triumphant return, … Read more

Highest Paid Esports Players in India March 2023


In India, the term “eSports” refers to competitive video gaming in which teams or individuals fight against each other in formally sanctioned tournaments and leagues for cash prizes, accolades, and glory. Recent years have seen tremendous growth in the popularity of esports in India, which now includes many well-known games including PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, … Read more

Which are the Leading Esports Companies in India?


A firm that focuses on planning and running esports events, competitions, leagues, and teams is known as an esports companies. Event management, broadcasting, marketing, talent management, and content creation are just a few of the services offered by esports organizations to aid in the expansion and development of the esports sector. Esports companies may focus … Read more