How do Esports Tournaments Make Money 2024

In this article, we can explore how Esports Tournaments Make Money. In this article, we can explain Everything about making money with Esp[orts Tournaments.

Organizers of all levels of competition, from amateur events held in people’s basements to elite professional competitions, rely solely on these money streams.

This post will go over each of these categories, what they are, and how to make money from them, whether you want to launch your event series, provide tournament hosting services, or are just curious about the esports sector.

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    The Top 10 Biggest Esports Tournaments You Can’t-Miss in 2024

    How do Esports Tournaments Make Money 2024
    How do Esports Tournaments Make Money 2024
    1. League of Legends World’s Championship 2024
    2. Dota 2: The International 
    3. Valorant Champions Tour (VCT)
    4. Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) – 2024 
    5. Apex Legends Global Series
    6. Counter-Strike 2 Major Championships
    7. Rainbow Six Siege Invitational
    8. Evolution (Evo) Championship Series
    9. Intel Extreme Masters
    10. Rocket League World Championship

    Principal Revenue Streams for Tournaments

    Let’s look at some real successful events and how they are making money now that we have cleared things out.

    Sponsorships usually provide the majority of the competitions’ income. Sponsorships account for 59% of total revenue in the esports sector, according to Newzoo’s 2020 study.

    Furthermore, this percentage has increased annually, continuing the pattern that has been observed over the previous ten years. The primary factor in esports’ success as an industry is undoubtedly sponsorships.

    Esports lovers claim that the sector totally fails to generate the maximum amount of money possible, according to another Newzoo survey. For instance, in 2019 esports attendance should bring in about $11, but our projections show that we will only bring in $6, or little more than half of that amount. That is a difference of more than $1 billion.

    Having said that, we excel at obtaining sponsorships because the target audience for esports consists primarily of young, predominately male individuals who enjoy technology and gaming.

    This merely makes room for sponsors who serve the gaming community—energy drinks, hardware manufacturers, fast food chains, pizza, etc.

    We will go into greater detail about each revenue stream below, but please note that the amounts in each other section are not comparable to the money we receive from sponsorships. Tens of millions of dollars are at stake, all from sponsors looking to build awareness of their brands.

    How to Make More Money for Esports Tournaments

    • Sponsorships
    • Media rights
    • Ticket fees
    • Partnerships and clientele
    • Advertisements
    • Merchandise
    • Vendor sales
    • Trademark royalties

    1. Sponsorships

    Clearly, the biggest source of income for any tournament is sponsorship, as we have said. In the context of sponsorship, this means that firms will give you money to use as leverage to achieve their desired amount of eyeballs, whether your venture is a team, venue, event, or business.

    2. Media rights

    When television networks or other online streaming platforms pay a tournament organizer to have the right to broadcast the tournament on their platform, they are generating cash through media rights. This is, by far, the most common type of agreement: exclusivity.

    3. Ticket fees

    Every time a tournament organizer sells a ticket, ticket fees generate income. In addition to tickets for spectators who like to merely watch or linger, these also include tickets for the athletes to participate.

    4. Partnerships and clientele

    Ever wished that all you had to do to earn a living from organizing these competitions? Yes, you may, if you can land a customer or partnership that will pay you to organize their tournament.

    5. Advertisements

    Like sponsorships, advertisements are businesses using the attention your tournament garners to further their own brands. The primary distinction between sponsorship and advertising is the brand’s active participation during the event.

    6. Merchandise

    Creating your own unique goods and materials to sell back to your community is known as merchandise. These are successful because engaged and happy community members are typically eager to endorse and promote brands.

    7. Vendor sales

    Vendor sales are only the money you receive as a royalty and/or base payment from other vendors who actively sell goods on your tournament’s behalf or through marketing given by your event.

    8. Trademark royalties

    When other businesses desire to utilize your logo or other trademarked/copyrighted assets for their own projects, you get paid a fee known as a trademark royalty.

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    How are eSports monetized?

    Merchandise sales, prize money, and broadcast revenue

    How do pro gamers make money?

    when they play, they get compensated by sponsors or advertisers

    Is Esport profitable?

    Even esports clubs with modest fan bases can turn a profit.


    In this article, The growing popularity of esports underscores the need for industry leaders and enthusiasts both understand its financial complexities.

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