Who Owns Upthrust Esports?

Today’s article is about who owns Upthrust Esports? or today in this article we have mentioned the name of the owner of Upthrust Esports. But before we knew the name of the owner of Upthrust Esports, we went to know about Upthrust Esports. So let us know what is Upthrust Esports.

Upthrust eSports is also like the eSports industry. Upthrust Esports is also an online gaming platform. Gaming events are also organized or a game’s ide production is also done. In Upthrust eSports, separate events are held for each game or they are all held virtually.

And like the e-sports industry, e-sports players also get a lot of money and trophies. Similarly in upthrust esports also the player gets a lot of money or a trophy. The difference between the eSports industry and Upthrust eSports is that the eSports industry is prevalent all over the world and Upthrust eSports is only in India.

Who Owns Upthrust Esports?


So now let’s talk about who is the owner of Uptrust Esports. Upthrust Esports has not one but two owners, one named Kartik Sabharwal and the other named Vaibhav Kumar. Kartik Sabherwal is only 21 years old and Vaibhav Kumar is only 20 years old together they started Upthrust esports company on 16 April 2020 and this company has grown a lot in a very short time and has been able to This is the first time this company will become a very big company.

What is the revenue model of the company?

Here are the five revenue models of this company:

1. Streaming Rights

2. Organizing events

3. Marketplace

4. Advertisements

5. Brand Integrations

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Who won the Upthrust Esports Diwali battle Season 2?

Entity Gaming won the Upthrust Esports Diwali battle.

What is the prize pool for the Upthrust Diwali battle?

The prize pool of Upthrust Diwali Battle was Rs 35 lakhs.

Who is the winner of Upthrust Esports 2023?

Entity Gaming is the winner of Upthrust Esports 2023.


In today’s article we will talk about the owner of upthrust esports and his name will be mentioned in our article. After that in our article we will talk about upthrust esports and his revenue models will also be mentioned.

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