How to Use the PS5’s Web Browser

PS5's Web Browser

In nearly every way, the PlayStation 5 is a huge improvement over the PlayStation 4. But by removing a useful web browser program from the new console, Sony reduced the quality of its software. The corporation says there isn’t one, yet you can simply access the hidden PS5 web browser escape, and we’ll walk you through it today!

Where Is the PS5’s Web Browser?

If you own a device from the prior generation, you probably recall having the internet browser app right on your home screen. You might use it to access a wide range of websites and services, including HTML5 and Flash sites as well as GameStop walkthroughs. Regretfully, the PS5 does not officially support the same app.

As you can see, the official PS5 FAQ states that the game system itself does not have a web browser. Thus, you won’t locate the browser app on the system menu if you log into your PlayStation account. Does that imply that you can’t access the internet with your PlayStation? Officially speaking, no, but there is a workaround. You will need to take advantage of the Twitter login option in order to access the Internet.

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    How to Use the Twitter Exploit to Access the PS5 Web Browser

    The procedures to access the “non-existing” PS5 web browser are as follows. Starting with the Users and going through the Accounts menu would be beneficial.

    Click the “Link with Other Services” option to proceed to the next step. Select the link that will direct you to a Twitter account from the alternatives provided. On that screen, you can use your login credentials to access the well-known social network; however, you should select the Twitter symbol that appears above the login tabs.

    You will be prompted to log into Twitter via an online browser by the PlayStation software. Proceed to your feed by entering your login credentials now. In a technical sense, you have a tab open on your web browser. Still, the PS5’s hidden browser has very limited functionality.

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    How to Browse the Internet using Google on a PS5

    It is not possible to type a URL into the address bar. Accessing other websites is limited to using the Twitter search box and the links that pages provide on their profiles.

    Fortunately, Twitter links let you visit a plethora of different websites and media. You can, for instance, visit Google’s profile and click on the URL that leads to their website. From there, you can quickly access their search engine and go anywhere in the world. It is likely that Sony is aware of the Twitter backdoor, and it will be fascinating to watch whether they try to block these browsing options in next PS5 firmware upgrades.

    Based on our observations, this browser works well for text and image pages but has some problems with multimedia information. It functions perfectly to stream music or other content, but avoid attempting the fullscreen video settings.

    Flash and WebGL won’t function on the browser, but all HTML 5 content—including certain gaming sites—will function properly.

    While it is possible to circumvent and use hidden browsers, you should be aware that your options will be restricted and your security will be insufficient. It’s best to enjoy the PS5 for what it is: a top-notch current-generation gaming system that supports 4K HDR.

    Why does PS5 doesn t have a web browser?

    Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t seem to want to add an official web browser app to the PS5, as the company has expressed on various occasions that it doesn’t feel that such functionality is important for gaming consoles.

    Can I watch YouTube on PS5?

    How to download the YouTube app on PS5 consoles. From Games home, select Media, All Apps, and then select YouTube. Select Download.

    Does PS5 have Netflix?

    Enjoy unlimited award-winning TV shows, movies, and many more with Netflix on PS5 console. There’s always something new to discover every week. Netflix streaming membership is required.

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