How to get UC in BGMI

BGMI, or Battlegrounds Mobile India, uses UC (Unknown Cash) as its in-game currency, which players can use to purchase a variety of items, such as skins, costumes, and weapons. UC is a valuable resource in the game, and many players are interested in finding ways to get more of it.

There are several ways to obtain UC in BGMI. The first and most obvious way is to purchase it with real money. Players can use their credit card or other payment methods to purchase UC in the game. The prices of UC vary depending on the amount of UC that is being purchased.

Obtain UC in BGMI

Another way to obtain UC in BGMI is to participate in events and challenges within the game. These events and challenges often offer UC as a reward for completing certain objectives or milestones within the game. Players can also earn UC by completing daily missions, which offer small amounts of UC as a reward for completing certain tasks.

There are also third-party websites and apps that claim to offer free UC for BGMI. However, it is important to note that these websites and apps are often scams that are designed to steal personal information or compromise the security of the player’s device. It is not recommended to use these websites or apps, as they can lead to serious consequences for the player.

How to get BGMI UC

One of the main advantages of BGMI is that it is tailored specifically to the Indian gaming market. The game features Indian-themed content, including maps, skins, and in-game events. Additionally, BGMI is designed to comply with Indian data protection laws, which was a major concern with the original PUBG game.

Overall, BGMI has been well-received by Indian gamers and has quickly gained a large player base. The game continues to receive regular updates and new content, ensuring that players have a fresh and engaging gameplay experience.


In conclusion, UC is an important resource in BGMI, and there are several ways to obtain it within the game. Players should focus on playing the game fairly and within the rules set by the developers, and avoid using third-party websites or apps that claim to offer free UC. By playing the game fairly and enjoying it for what it is, players can have a fun and challenging battle royale experience.

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