How to Join Esports Team in India BGMI

Today’s article is about how to join the BGMI Esports Team in India. So today we will talk about and tell you how we can join Esports teams. In today’s time, Esports is very popular and because of Esports, the lives of many people have also changed. Esports is a good medium, if you like playing games like PUBG then you should join the game.

So let us tell you clearly how you can join the BGMI Eports Team in India. We will tell you step by step here. If you follow the steps type, you can even join the Esports team.

How to Join Esports Team in India BGMI


To get started, consider the following general guide:

Improve Your Skills

  • You have to give maximum time to your gaming practice and learn gaming skills.
  • And secondly, you have to participate in online tournaments and competitions. And this is how you will develop your skills.

Build a Presence

  • You will have to create a profile for the gaming platform on social media.
  • There you have to show your skills, create some gameplay clips, shots, and videos, and post them.


  • Social media where on sports events you will find some players and in this way you will get good players and you can select some of them and make your best team.
  • After that, you will have to host Esports tournaments and competitions and in this way, you can create a good team.

Create a Player Resume

  • In this step, you will have to develop the gaming resumes of all your players and highlight their achievement skills and experience.

Contact Teams

  • What you need to do in the Contact Teams stage is that you need to contact all your players through social media share your resume with them and plan your gameplay with them.

Participate in Trials

  • In the participation trials, you have to gather all your team players and talk about new skills and learn skills.

Stream Your Gameplay

  • After that, all you have to do is start streaming your gaming on some social media applications.
  • The benefit you will get from streaming is that by streaming you will be able to attract the audience towards you and hence you can also get the benefit that you will also become famous in the Esports organization.

Stay Active

  • You will have to be active on social media as much as possible and participate in as many tournaments as possible.
  • If you remain active on social media, your chances will increase in esports.

Be Professional

  • Be professional in your approach to the teams and show excellent sportsmanship.
  • Accept criticism and show yourself a desire to grow.

If you follow all the steps given above then you will join the BGMI Esports team in India. With the help of all the given steps, you can join a better eSports team and hope that our article has helped you a bit.

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Top BGMI teams in India, along with player names

There are many top-listed Esports teams in the Esports industry but mainly I will tell you about some of the top lists from India and also tell you the names of their players. And here are also the names of some of the top listed Esports teams and their players.


1. GodLike Esports

Names of Godlike Esports players

  • Jonathan Jude Amaral ID Names JONATHAN
  • Abhishek Choudhary ID Names ZGOD
  • Suraj Nityanand Majumdar ID Names NEYOO
  • Gunjan Thakur ID Names JELLY

2.  Team SouL

Names of  Team SouL players

  • Yash Paresh Soni ID Names VIPER
  • Harsh Paudwal ID Names GOBLIN
  • Naman Sandeep Mathur ID Names MORTAL

3. Skylightz Gaming

Names of Skylightz Gaming players

  • Saumya Raj ID Names SOUMRAJ
  • Tushar Das ID Names GAMLABOY
  • Pukar Singla ID Names PUKAR
  • Arth Trivedi ID Names VEXE

4. Team XO

Names of Team XO players

  • Harsh Shrivastava ID Names IMMORTAL
  • Ritesh Nawanda ID Names FIERCE
  • Ashutosh Singh ID Names PUNNK
  • Deepak Negi ID Names SENSEI

5. TSM

Names of TSM players

  • Harsh Rao ID Names AQUANOX
  • Shubham Ranjan Sahoo ID Names NINJAjOD
  • Hamza Khozema Hyderabadwala ID Names BLAZE
  • Chirag Dua ID Names WANTED

These were some of the teams which are top listed esports teams in India.

What is the salary of a BGMI player in India?

The annual salary of esports players in India is around Rs 20 lakh.

Can I earn money by BGMI?

Yes, of course, you can earn a lot of money through BGM, just like you can earn a lot of money in tournaments and competitions. Apart from that, you can also earn a lot of money through brand sponsorship. Apart from that, there are many other things with which you can earn money.

Who is the richest esports player in India?

Tanmay SinghTanmay Singh is the richest esports player in India.


Today in this article we have talked about how we can join an Esports team in India and we have told you step by step about the things if you follow all these steps then you will get a good and better You can join an eSports team apart from this, we have also told you about some top listed teams of esports in this article.

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