Why do esports players use earbuds and headphones

In this article, we will explore why esports players use earbuds and headphones. The answer is straightforward: outside noise is normally blocked during the competition by using the over-ear headphones or headsets that the event planners supply. As required by their contracts, footballers are required to display the ones from sponsors around their necks.

In order to help reduce background noise from spectators and commentary that could reveal the positions of other players in the game, professional gamers wear headphones that produce white noise. To hear their teammates and the game audio, they place earphones below their headphones.

In addition, if the player’s headgear is without an external microphone, they can communicate with their teammates via the second headset’s microphone.

Remove Outside Noise

Why do esports players use earbuds and headphones

In a typical environment, ambient noise may usually be effectively reduced by the noise-canceling technology of the headphones offered at a live gaming event. But, at major events, it is insufficient to muffle the noise of the audience and other external sources.

The players’ headphones or headsets are provided by the event organisers and typically cannot be changed out for personal ones. Nonetheless, attendees can listen to in-game audio through their earbuds if the event organizers permit it.

To further enhance the removal of undesired sounds, white noise is played over the headphones.

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Audio Preference of Players

Why do esports players use earbuds and headphones

Using earphones underneath provides a decent alternative because a player may not be used to the sound quality of the given headsets during an esports tournament. Furthermore, the sound quality of the greatest gaming earbuds is often superior to that of the headphones offered at the event.

When used with noise-canceling headphones, some earbud brands’ noise-canceling characteristics may even enhance the reduction of outside noise.

Which headset is better for gaming?

Why do esports players use earbuds and headphones

Top brands of gaming headsets are under

Some of the best gaming brands to take into consideration while looking for a new headset are SteelSeries, Turtle Beach, Razer, HyperX, Audeze, Logitech, Asus, Corsair, and JBL. These companies offer both basic and high-end audio experiences.

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Why do people wear headphones while gaming?

People wear headphones while gaming to block out external noise, connect with teammates, and enhance their gaming experience.

Which headset is best for gaming?

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless.
Razer Barracuda X.
Corsair Virtuoso Pro.
SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7.
PDP Airlite Pro.

How much is a good gaming headset?

HyperX Cloud Alpha ($69 at Amazon)

Is JBL a good brand?

Yes, JBL is a good brand. JBL product quality is very Good and came with a Low Price


There are several reasons why esports players use headphones and earbuds. To begin with, they employ over-ear headphones or headsets that the event organizers give to filter out noise from the crowd and any comments that might disclose crucial game knowledge. They wear earbuds under these headphones to hear in-game sounds and interact with their teammates more efficiently.

They may occasionally use a second headset with a microphone if their primary headset is microphone-less. They can focus and give their best work in this setting that is created by the earbuds and headphones. Players also frequently like their own earbuds due to their better sound quality, and some of them have noise-canceling capabilities that help to further cut down on distractions.

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