How To Full Screen GTA 5

The popular open-world action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto V” (GTA 5) was created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. For a number of platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, it was initially released in 2013. Players have access to a sizable open world to explore in the game, which takes place in the fictitious state of San Andreas and features a rich storyline and a variety of quests and activities.

Regarding your use of the term “full screen,” I’m assuming you’re referring to playing Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 in full-screen mode on your computer. In full-screen mode, the game fills the whole monitor screen, giving you a more immersive gaming experience free of any desktop distractions.

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How To Full Screen GTA 5


You can use the steps below to play Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) in full-screen mode.

1. Launch the Game

Start by starting GTA 5 from your game library or desktop shortcut.

2. Access Graphics Settings

You must enter the graphical settings after the game has started. Usually, you may do this from the pause screen or in-game menu.

3. Adjust Display Setting

You can change the display settings by looking for a section in the graphics settings. You may configure the game to run in fullscreen mode from here.

4. Select Fullscreen Mode

You should have the choice of “Fullscreen” or “Windowed Mode” in the display options. Choose “Fullscreen” to make the game run in fullscreen. With no borders or taskbars, the game will fill the entire screen as a result.

5. Apply Changes

Make sure to save the modifications after choosing the fullscreen mode. Within the graphical options, a button with the words “Apply” or “Save” may be present.

6. Restart the Game

You may occasionally need to restart the game after making changes to the display settings. Restart the game after quitting it.

7. Adjust Resolution (Optional)

You might need to change the screen resolution if the game isn’t displaying correctly in fullscreen mode. The graphics settings are generally where this may be done as well. In order to select a resolution that works well with your display, try out a few different ones.

8. Update Graphics Drivers (Optional)

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date if fullscreen mode is still giving you trouble. Display issues can occasionally be caused by outdated drivers.

9. Check Operating System Settings

On rare occasions, the display options in your operating system may prevent the game from going fullscreen. Verify that the OS display settings are set to expand displays rather than replicate or mirror them.

10. Alt+Enter Shortcut (Optional)

If the in-game settings are not functioning as expected, you might use the Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut as a final resort. Press Alt and Enter simultaneously while the game is running. Frequently, using this key will switch between fullscreen and windowed modes.


In order to enable fullscreen mode in GTA 5, open the in-game menu that contains the visual settings, select “Fullscreen” mode, make your modifications, and then restart the game if necessary. Update graphics drivers, check that the operating system display settings are correct, and increase resolution if display troubles continue. If settings don’t work, think about using Alt+Enter as a shortcut. Consult official support resources or online discussion groups for additional assistance.

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What resolution is full-screen GTA 5?

Depending on your monitor’s capabilities and the options you select in the game, GTA 5’s fullscreen resolution may change. You can choose from a variety of resolutions in GTA 5 depending on what your monitor can handle. Full HD standards of 1920×1080, Quad HD resolutions of 2560×1440, and 4K Ultra HD resolutions of 3840×2160 are typical for fullscreen gaming. Your hardware and personal preferences for balancing graphical quality and performance will determine the particular resolution you select.

How do I get out of fullscreen on GTA?

Press the “Alt” key and the “Enter” key at the same time to end fullscreen mode in Grand Theft Auto. By using this keyboard shortcut, you can quickly access your desktop or other applications while keeping the game in windowed mode rather than fullscreen.

What are the controls for GTA 5 PC?

Here are the default keyboard controls for GTA 5 on PC. Keep in mind that these controls can be customized in the game settings.
General Controls:
W: Move Forward
A: Move Left
S: Move Backward
D: Move Right
Space: Jump
Shift: Sprint
Ctrl: Crouch
Caps Lock: Special Ability
Tab: Toggle Character/Weapon Wheel
1-8: Select Weapon
E: Enter/Exit Vehicle, Mount/Dismount Horse
F: Enter/Exit Cover, Context Action
G: Throw Grenade
H: Use Epsilon Program Website
L: Toggle Police Scanner
M: Open Map
P: Pause Menu
Z: Use Phone
X: Reload Weapon
Driving and Vehicles:
Arrow Keys or Mouse: Steer
W: Accelerate
S: Brake/Reverse
A: Steer Left
D: Steer Right
Space: Handbrake
Shift: Boost (if applicable)
Ctrl: Horn
Q: Look Behind
R: Radio Wheel
Z: Cinematic Camera
Left Mouse Button: Fire Weapon
Right Mouse Button: Aim
R: Reload
Q or E: Switch Weapon
F: Melee Attack/Block
V: Toggle Melee Mode
Caps Lock: Special Ability
G: Grenade
E: Enter/Exit Cover
Space: Jump (while in cover)
These are just the default controls for GTA 5 on PC. You can adjust and customize these controls to your preference through the game settings. Additionally, some controls might change based on the context of the game, such as during missions or specific activities.

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