How To Change Character in GTA 5 PC

In today’s article, we are going to talk about how to change characters in GTA 5 on PC. GTA V has become a very popular game in the last few seasons. The three primary protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) on PC are Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, and switching between them is a quick and easy process.

How To Change Character in GTA 5 PC


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Open the Game

Make sure you are in the main gameplay environment when you start the GTA 5 game on your PC.

Use the Character Wheel

You would utilize the character wheel to switch characters. Put your keyboard’s “Alt” key into action. The character wheel will then appear, showing images of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

Select a Character

Use YOUR MOUSE to move the cursor over the character wheel you want to switch to.

Confirm the Selection

Left-click on the desired character’s image after they have been highlighted. This will start the character conversion procedure.

Wait for the Transition

The game will display a transition animation when the camera zooms out and then returns to the new character’s location once you have chosen a character.

Start Playing as the New Character

Your control over the character you switched to will now be active after the transition is finished. Now that character can go about the virtual environment at will.

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Repeat if Desired

You can fast-switch characters if necessary by pressing “Alt” and choosing a different one using the same methods.

It’s vital to remember that changing characters is only possible at specific times in the game when all three protagonists have been unlocked. Furthermore, switching characters may be momentarily prohibited in some missions and activities. Make sure your current gameplay setting is appropriate for character switching.

Keep in mind that while you are directing one character, the other two may still be performing their own tasks and may not be where you last left them. A key feature of GTA 5 is character swapping, which enables you to view the plot and missions from various angles.

If you’ve customized your controls, the key to access the character wheel can be different. Keep in mind that keyboard shortcuts and controls may differ depending on your specific game settings.

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How do I switch my character in GTA?

In GTA, press “Alt” (PC) or “Down” on the D-pad (PS4), choose a character using the wheel and then confirm by pressing “X” (PS4) or clicking (PC). Play as the chosen character when the transition occurs.

Why can’t I change my character in GTA 5?

Changing characters may be prohibited during missions, activities, or particular plot moments. Make sure you have all protagonists unlocked and are in free-roam mode. To switch characters, press “Alt” on a PC or “Down” on a PS4 D-pad.

Can I change my character to a girl in GTA 5?

The three major protagonists (Michael, Franklin, and Trevor) in GTA 5’s main narrative can’t have their genders directly changed because they are preset characters. However, you have the choice to create and customize your own character in GTA Online’s multiplayer mode, including selecting their gender. Remember that there can be restrictions on character customization possibilities, and the whole experience might differ.

Can I have 2 characters in GTA Online?

You can create and control up to two different characters in GTA Online using the same account. You may play the game in a variety of ways thanks to the customization possibilities, individual advancement paths for each character, and unique character traits.

How many GTA characters can you have?

You can create and control up to two characters in GTA Online using the same account. Each character has their own development, traits, and possibilities for personalization. This function enables you to play the game using several viewpoints or playstyles.

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