Top 10 Best Female Esports Players in 2023

In organized video game events, female esports refers to female competitors. There are sports that are equal to men in eSports, but traditionally women have had fewer opportunities and faced prejudice. Efforts are being made to encourage and advance gender equality in the industry. Here are the top 10 best female esports players in 2023.

Sasha Scarlett Hostyn

Sasha -Scarlett-Hostyn

Sasha “Scarlett” Hostin is a Canadian StarCraft II player, considered one of the best Zerg players in the world. She has been competing professionally since 2011 and has won many tournaments throughout her career. In 2021, Scarlett finished second in the ASUS ROG Online 2021: North America tournament and third in the IEM Katowice 2021 tournament. Currently in the top spot till 2023. A role model for many women who want to play competitively, Scarlett is also noted for being one of the only female players to compete at the highest level of StarCraft II competitions.

Katherine Mystik Gunn


Former professional Halo player Katherine “Mystic” Gunn is well remembered for being the first woman to play for a team in the league. He participated in several regional, national and international games in 2004 playing for Team Excellence. Gunn remained active in the esports scene even after he stopped playing professionally by hosting and analyzing events. When she was inducted into the eSports Hall of Fame in 2020, Gunn was recognized for her services as a pioneer in the industry and an inspiration to women in eSports. and today she is in second place in 2023.

Li Liooon Xiaomeng 2


Hearthstone player Li “Liyun” Xiaoming from China is renowned for his prodigious talents and achievements. One of the most prestigious tournaments in Hearthstone Esports, the Hearthstone Grandmasters Global Finals, was won by him for the first time in 2019 and he created history in the process. For female players in esports, Xiaoming’s victory marked a turning point as it bridged the gender divide in a sport that has always been controlled by men. After becoming an inspiration to many other female eSports players after her victory, Xiaoming is still active in Hearthstone Esports at the top level.

Marjorie Kasumi Chan Bartell


Marjorie “Kasumi-chan” Bartel, a former pro from Dead or Alive 4, is renowned for her stellar tournament performances and dominant playing style. Barthel won several matches during his professional career which lasted from 2007 to 2009. He was also noted for popularizing the use of the Kasumi character and creative application of “technical” maneuvers in the game. In addition to her success in competition, Barthel was a supporter of gender equality in e-sports and was actively involved in the planning and marketing of women-only events. Alive or dead, he has earned recognition as one of the greatest players in history.

Ricki HelloKittyRicki Ortiz


Professional Street Fighter player Ricky “HelloKittyRicki” Ortiz is the first woman to win a major Street Fighter tournament. She serves as an inspiration to female gamers and is renowned for her dependable tournament results. Ortiz has also promoted gender equality in the esports field.

Ksenia vilga Klyuenkova


Russian Dota 2 player Ksenia “Vilga” Klyuenkova is renowned worldwide as one of the top female players. Ever since she started competing professionally in 2014, she has won a number of competitions. Klyuenkova is renowned for her exceptional talent in Dota 2 support roles and her ability to lead her team to victory. She has also promoted and organized a women’s Dota 2 tournament and has been an advocate for gender equality in e-sports. Klinekova continues to serve as a role model for female gamers everywhere, and her achievements have helped remove restrictions for women in eSports.

Zainab ZAAz Turkie


A famous female esports competitor named Zainab “zAAz” Turkie is known for her skills in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). The Swedish native has established a strong reputation as one of the best players on the women’s competitive scene. She was a key player in successful teams such as Team Secret and Counter Logic Gaming Raid. Having featured in several international competitions, Zaz is known for his outstanding goalscoring and playmaking skills. Zaaz has consistently shown his potential.

Anna Ant1ka Ananikova


Ana “ant1ka” Ananikova, also known as “ant1ka”, is an accomplished eSports competitor best known for playing Dota 2. His character is a criminal and he is Russian. Ant1ka has proven his talent and knowledge in the Dota 2 arena by participating in several tournaments and leagues.

Julia Juliano Kiran


Known for her prowess in Counter-Strike, Julia Juliano Kiran is a renowned female esports athlete. She is a Swedish-born professional athlete who has made a name for herself as one of the best in the sport thanks to her aggressive style of play and leadership skills. Among Kiran’s notable achievements are her contributions to her team’s victories in various competitions. She has inspired aspiring female gamers with her passion and skillful gameplay, showcasing the prowess and potential of women in eSports.

Alyona Candy Kuvaeva


In the gaming world, Alona “Candy” Cueva is a well-known female esports competitor. Despite the fact that I was unable to find information on his most recent endeavors or successes in my database, his involvement in the eSports industry has had an impact. Players like Candy help expand and diversify the industry because e-sports includes such a wide range of video games and franchises. Her gaming prowess, commitment, and enthusiasm serve as an example to others and promote a more welcoming gaming community for women.


Female esports athletes like Lyon, Scarlett and Mystique have excelled in their particular sports and shown incredible skills. She has inspired female gamers by breaking down boundaries and gender biases in a field historically controlled by men. The presence and successes of female esports athletes promote inclusivity for gamers of all genders while also helping the esports industry grow and diversify.

Are there any pro female esports players?

Yes, Juliano is a pro-female esports player.

Who is the No 1 esports player in Asia?

Seng “Order” Zehai Is The No. 1 Esports Player In Asia

Who is the top female esports player India?

Aparna Shukla is India’s top female esports player

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