Top 5 Blockchain Games to Know

Top 5 Blockchain Games to Know:- Look no further than blockchain games for a digital explosion from the past if you missed the token trading arcades where you could play games and win a few tickets that could be exchanged for tasty prizes.

A game developed utilizing blockchain technology is known as a blockchain game. Non-fungible tokens are a common component of gameplay features. For instance, the majority of characters, cards, creatures, and other items used in blockchain games are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) since they are exclusive to a single player at a time and transferrable in and out of the game. Land and assets constructed on parcels are also his NFT in games with restricted land availability or comparable dynamics.

Utility tokens, which frequently act as in-game money or as energy to power in-game actions, are included in almost all blockchain games. These utility tokens might be fungible or non-fungible, and in some games, when they are used for transactions, they are taken out of the pool of available tokens. With a few rare exceptions, these in-game tokens can only be bought with cryptocurrencies or obtained through in-game activities.

Due to their connection to cryptocurrencies, blockchain games are also known as crypto games or play-and-earn games. Every blockchain game needs to be connected to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Top 5 Blockchain Games to Know

Here is the list of the Top 5 Blockchain Games to know:-

  • Alien Worlds
  • Axie Infinity
  • Decentraland
  • DeFi Kingdoms
  • Guild of Guardians

Alien Worlds

Alien World - Top 5 Blockchain games

Alien Worlds is a near-future sci-fi exploration and territory stakes game for the intergalactic Bitcoin mining community that allows players to explore outer space in a fourth-wall-breaking environment. As they explore, players can find NFTs, mine Trillium, and claim new frontiers. Landowners have a say in the evolution of new planet governments and help shape the future. The game can be both competitive and cooperative, as players can not only compete against each other through trading card dynamics but also collaborate to build a planetary government. Players can also boost their rarity and stats by “shining” (basically combining) NFTs.

Axie Infinity

One of the first and most well-known blockchain games is Axie Infinity. (It is also known as the starting point of his hacking the $600+ blockchain when the hacker obtained access to his Ronin network, the sidechain that drives the game’s transactions.)

Axie infinity

Players in Axie Infinity can gather, battle, and breed their Axies, adorable monsters with an Axolotl influence. Three-axe teams compete against one another (similar to Pok√©mon). The “Gentle Love Potion” is acquired by players through winning battles and playing to obtain it. Then, players can breed Axies with the use of these potions to produce new Axies. Breeders can use these in battles or sell them to other players or potential new players. A scholarship dynamic also exists, whereby seasoned players with a lot of Axies can effectively lend their extra Axies to newer, less experienced players. In these cases, the Axie owner receives a percentage of the borrower’s payment.



Decentraland is for you if you enjoy playing open-world games where players can interact, acquire territories, and construct one-of-a-kind objects on top of them, as well as if you enjoy the concept of genuinely owning, purchasing, and selling assets like NFTs. It may be an activity. Owners of LAND can do whatever they want with their property in this game that resembles the Metaverse and can vote on district governance issues to influence the community’s future. The in-game builder allows players with or without LAND ownership to make products, and those skilled in programming can create their own. Those who own LAND can place their own creations on their lot and sell them to other players. Burning the MANA in-game currency will lower the fixed supply.

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms

Players can make money by taking on the roles of fantasy heroes in the medieval realm of DeFi Kingdoms. Explore new regions, engage in player-versus-player combat, upgrade your characters, and complete missions and adventures. His NFTs, which can be purchased and traded on the in-game Market, is Heroes and their bonuses. Land can be purchased for construction as well. Voting powers are granted to participants in the game, allowing them to decide how the game will develop in the future.

Guild of Guardians

guild of guardians

Guild of Guardians, a mobile fantasy role-playing game, is still in pre-release. So why is it listed here? There has been a lot of interest in the game. On his website, prospective players can register for pre-registration details for the game. The pre-Alpha demo playtesting was completed on April 6 and the game is expected to be released in early 2022. In a traditional dungeon-crawling type role-playing game, players build teams of NFT heroes and lead them on adventures. Teams of heroes fight creatures and bosses while seeking out secret treasures in these quests. It is possible to level up current heroes or find new, more effective heroes to join your team using this special NFT.


In conclusion, These are the Top 5 Blockchain Games to know you can play online. All these games work on blockchain technology which is quite good. If you find this article interesting, please leave a beautiful comment below!

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