What is Deltatech Gaming and an Online Gaming Platform?

In this article, we can explore Deltatech gaming and an Online Gaming Platform. Firstly, we want to know what is Deltatech Gaming and an Online Gaming Platform. Deltatech Gaming is a company by the name of Deltatech Gaming Private Limited formely known as Gausssian Network Private Limited. Through mobile, web, and desktop versions, Deltatech Gaming provides an omnichannel digital solution with fully integrated online play. The business has offline possibilities as well. Three categories might be used to group the company’s products. First, card games like Call Break, Rummy, and Poker.

Products from Deltatech Gaming Limited:

The brand-name corporation is well-known for its offline and online gaming platforms, especially for Pocker. Through the platforms, Deltatech Gaming provides real money gaming. Adda52.com is a platform that provides online poker (also known as “Adda52”) in India. A variety of RMG games are available on the Addagames platform. Rummy games are available on the Adda52Rummy (“Adda52Rummy”) platform for mobile and web devices. The business is creating its own internal platforms and enhancing its data intelligence resources.

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What is the operational revenue of Deltatech Gaming?

In 2022, Deltatech Gaming Limited recorded a total revenue from operations of INR 1376.32 million, up 4% from INR 1321.64 million in 2020. However, the company lost 11.8% of its sales in 2022 compared to 2021’s INR 1560.51 million. From INR 929.59 million in 2020 to INR 1423.01 million in 2022, total expenses have increased. In 2020 and 2021, the business reported a positive profit after taxes. But in 2022, the business reported a loss of INR 44 million. This illustrates the fact that the business is still too young to consistently turn a profit for its investors.

IPO Description

With a focus on technology and a digital native approach to gaming, Deltatech Gaming provides a player-centric experience across all of its platforms. It is among the first businesses in India’s real money gambling industry, and Adda52 is the country’s first online poker room with a variety of poker games. It has a sizable gaming community and is regarded as a “category pioneer” in India. As of FY 2021, it held a market share of more than 34.5% for seven years.

The company’s investments in creating internal platforms and enhancing data intelligence skills have been its key competencies. It feels that it provides a strong and smooth omni-channel digital offering, complete with offline features and fully integrated online play across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Alternative of Deltatech Gaming

  1. Jagex
  2. Games24x7
  3. Garena
  4. Xingdong Network

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What is a online game platform?

The hardware and software framework that serves as the primary interface between players and the operator of online gambling and sports betting

Is Deltatech gaming limited formerly known as Gaussian networks?

The Deltatech Gaming founded in 2011 as an online multiplayer game and platform development firm with its headquarters in Kolkata.

Who is the founder of Gaussian networks?

Mohit Agarwal,


In Conclusion, Leading participant in the Indian gaming market, Deltatech Gaming, is expected to lose INR 44 million in FY 2022 and is entering a maturing period. In the midst of a competitive environment and the rapidly expanding Indian gaming sector, the company’s IPO application to collect INR 550 crore indicates ambitions for organic expansion, marketing, and technology enhancement. When contemplating an investment, prospective investors must to thoroughly assess financial trends and industry dynamics.

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