Why do Esports Players Wear two Headsets

In this article, we will talk about why eSports players wear two headsets. For various logistical and technical reasons, eSports players often wear two headsets to improve their performance when playing competitive video games. Professional gaming tournaments and serious gamers often use twin headset setups. This explains why they wear two headsets.

1. Game Audio and Communication

Why do Esports Players Wear two Headsets

Esports players primarily use two headsets to isolate team communication and game noise. The first headsets are worn over the ears and used for gaming audio. It is usually larger and has noise cancellation. It gives players access to in-game prompts, immersive sound effects, and other important audio information essential for gaming.

The second headset is an in-ear communication device, and it’s often lighter and smaller. Players can discuss, plan, and coordinate their maneuvers in real-time with their teammates by using this microphone-equipped headset for team communication. Players can hear their teammates clearly and unhindered by the sounds of the game when they use a dedicated communication headset.

2. Noise Isolation and Concentration

Esports competitions can have a lot of background noise from spectators, commentators, and other sources. Players can focus better on the game by isolating themselves from outside noise by wearing noise-canceling headphones. Their isolation is further enhanced by in-ear communication headsets, which guarantee uninterrupted hearing of their companions.

3. Comfort and Customization


Additionally, using two headsets increases comfort and adaptability. For longer periods of use, gamers can opt for comfortable over-ear headsets made specifically for gaming audio. They can also choose in-ear communication devices that fit comfortably and firmly, guaranteeing that they will stay in place during long gaming sessions.

4. Redundancy and Backup

Two headsets can act as a backup in case of emergency. Players can quickly switch to a backup headset without interfering with team communications in the event of a malfunction or experiencing technical difficulties. This ensures that communication remains lossless even in the event of equipment failure.

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Esports players can better control game audio and team communications, stay focused in noisy conditions, experience personal comfort, and have fallback options in case of technical difficulties due to the dual headset setup. To perform better during competitive gaming events, elite eSports players have made this setup a common practice.

What headphones do esports players use?

Esports players often use gaming headphones like HyperX, SteelSeries, Logitech, and Sennheiser because they are comfortable, high-quality, and noise-canceling.

Why do apex players use earbuds?

Because they are lightweight, comfortable, and portable, earbuds are used by Apex players to achieve accurate in-game sound awareness, which is essential for competitive play.

Why do pro gamers use wired headphones?

Expert gamers prefer wired headphones because they have low latency and provide instant sound feedback, which is essential for fast-paced action and gives them a competitive advantage.

Do gamers prefer wired or wireless headphones?

Because they have a stable connection and low latency, wired headphones are preferred by many gamers for their reliable performance during competitive gameplay.

Are normal headphones better than gaming headphones?

Regular headphones that provide high-quality sound can be just as useful as gaming headphones, often providing players with an even better audio experience.

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