Red Dead Redemption 2 Game Review

Rockstar’s critically acclaimed console game Red Dead Redemption 2 has arrived on PC. After a grueling year of waiting, PC gamers may now experience Arthur Morgan and his ragtag crew of outlaws and criminals’ genre-defining journey. It goes without saying that Rockstar exceeded expectations with Red Dead Redemption 2, surpassing its predecessors and raising the standard for what an open-world game can be. RDR2 continues to be regarded as one of the greatest games on the PS4 and Xbox One after I’ve spent about two weeks exploring its expansive globe.

red dead redemption review

Rockstar, the creator of the contemporary open-world genre, continues to be at the fore when it comes to figuring out what popular gaming environments have to offer in addition to what classic linear games have to give. is. RDR2’s jumble of distinctive and varied areas is a genuine delight, whereas many games that utilize vast game maps frequently fall into the trap of delivering needlessly long mission treks and, occasionally, magnificent vistas. allows for a wide range of gaming styles. It’s vast enough to give the impression that there are several games in the box at once. And in that respect, we aren’t entirely mistaken.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

Rockstar included meaningful and complex survival elements for the first time in one of its original games. Fortunately, it’s neither difficult nor demanding like competitive games with survival-based roots. You won’t have to take care of the player’s requirements, afflictions, or every bodily function in minute detail. We achieve a unique moment in which the player’s actions and the player character’s world become one by revealing more information about how three player attributes or cores (Strength, Health, and Dead Eye) function and can be influenced. It makes sense and is crucial for Arthur to eat food, drink the elixir, and dress appropriately for the environment.

The Glory of Choice

Although it is easy to haphazardly add these goods to the menu, Rockstar has spent time creating intricate fishing, hunting, and crafting systems. They are escorted by the planet’s entire biological ecosystem, including plants and animals. When you can select particular plants and roots to make a full dinner that can leave you entirely satisfied in one sitting, extracurricular activities never seem like a bother.

Of course, there’s also a much easier way to satisfy these needs for players who aren’t into the side-scrolling activities in the form of an elixir, potions, and food that can be purchased from a variety of general stores. all over the world. This way, players can focus all of their attention and time on the more action-packed and cinematic parts, of which there are many. We don’t want to deprive you of the joy of having these first-hand experiences, so we won’t go into more detail at this point. But rest assured that Rockstar has once again topped the list of successful campaigns in the past from GTA V and up.

Worth Waiting

The claim that Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC is the same as the console versions is not totally accurate. A fantastic new feature for PC players is the excellent photo option. Players can stop the action on the screen with the push of a button, revealing a simple user interface. With your mouse or game controller, you can freely pan the camera about Arthur in this instance. Rockstar offers a tonne of tools in Photo Mode that will help you take fantastic pictures. You may roll the camera to capture more of the scene, zoom in or out, use different lenses, and even change the exposure to make the image lighter or darker.


Regarding Red Dead Redemption 2’s technical overhaul, we’re witnessing the RAGE engine’s first genuine next-generation edition exerting its muscles on the PC. Since then, the RAGE engine has been utilized in GTA IV, Midnight Club LA, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, and GTA V.

red dead redemption review

After playing RDR 2 on the PC, GTA V’s roots in previous generation systems become apparent, which contradicts the game’s presentation on the latter and the PC. The first and ostensibly only RAGE-enabled game created using the capabilities of a current-generation system is this one. This is the first time we’ve experienced RAGE’s full potential when playing on a PC, free from the limitations imposed by the low-cost, fixed hardware of PS4 and Xbox One.


Recapping my experience with Red Dead Redemption 2, it appears that complaints about the PC port’s poor quality have been highly overstated and frequently unfounded. RDR 2 is a must-have PC game for fans of open world games, whether it’s because of its numerous customization possibilities, cutting-edge technical capabilities, depth, epic tale, and immersive gameplay. Red Dead Redemption 2 will undoubtedly soon establish itself as a staple in the PC gamer’s collection thanks to the platform’s vibrant and sizable modding community. What modders will produce for this already excellent game is something we can only excitedly dream.

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