The Most Popular Xbox-Only Games of 2023

Most Popular Xbox-Only Games:- 2023 was a fantastic year for video games, with fantastic titles on all major platforms, and Xbox fans had an abundance of console exclusives to enjoy. Some of these games were highly anticipated and had been in development for years, while one particular gem was released with no preamble at all. Whether you want a realistic racer to round out the year or an epic-scale RPG, the best Xbox console exclusives of 2023 have you covered.

We’ve chosen five of our favorite Xbox games for 2023. The games are listed alphabetically, and they are all console exclusives. This means that while these games may be available on PC, they are not available on the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation systems.

Forza Motorsport

Turn 10 Studios returned to the racing sim branch of the franchise after a six-year break with a sort-of reboot for Forza Motorsport. Forza Motorsport is more of a platform for Xbox’s racing sim, but it came out of the gate as a complete and satisfying racing experience by dropping the number from the title and shifting the series to an evolving game format.

The most significant improvement is the RPG-style progression system, which naturally pushes you to become a better driver. Every corner and sector is graded on a scale, and you earn driver XP based on your performance–so with each lap, you strive to do better and learn from your mistakes. You’ll be weaving through a course and getting the most out of your car as you overtake the competition before you know it. Upgrading your vehicle is also a more personal endeavor.

You cannot grind for money and slap on a bunch of upgrades to burn everyone on the track any longer. Earning car XP ensures that you understand the fundamentals of driving that specific car, and while this may slow things down both metaphorically and literally, it creates a more meaningful driving experience.

In the review of Forza Motorsport, author Alessandro Barbosa wrote, “Forza Motorsport has been gone for a long time, but it’s evident that Turn 10 has used the time to reevaluate its formula and implement some striking changes that will likely ignite a new passion for simulation racing for petrol heads and bring in a swathe of new players.” — Michael Higham

Hi-Fi Rush

Tango Gameworks was a studio that had proven its strength in the horror genre when Microsoft acquired it as part of its massive Bethesda acquisition. Tango surprised everyone with 2023’s Hi-Fi Rush, which appeared to be all scares all the time. Hi-Fi Rush is a completely original take on hack-and-slash and rhythm games that is unquestionably not horror.

It’s simple enough that anyone can start playing and have a good time bashing robot bolts in, but mastering to-the-beat action is much more difficult. If done correctly, protagonist Chai becomes a maestro of destruction, swinging his trash guitar through the air and directing the world’s most violent rockumentary.

Hi-Fi Rush was a January surprise release, with no prior announcement and a healthy dose of confusion that the Evil Within studio had created this game. Where had the not-undead and monsters gone to shoot them in the face? But that confusion quickly turned to delight, because Hi-Fi Rush is one of the year’s most joyfully fun, uplifting, and hilarious games.

Tango Gameworks has fully established itself as a wild-card studio capable of much more than horror, and its future looks very bright as long as no one cuts the brakes.

Richard Wakeling rated the game a 9 out of 10. He went on to say, “It feeds on the power of nostalgia by evoking games like Jet Set Radio and Viewtiful Joe with its old-school vibes and contagious energy, but it’s also completely fresh and exciting in its own right.” – Gabe Gurwin

Planet of Lana

What if Studio Ghibli from My Neighbor Totoro and Playdead from Limbo collaborated on a game? Planet of Lana, a 2D sidescroller with a gorgeous sea-tinged color palette, a family-friendly (though enthralling) story of siblinghood, and an array of platforming puzzles that should stump but never frustrate its players, would undoubtedly be the result.

A War of the Worlds-style alien invasion is seen through the eyes of a child whose once-beautiful village is destroyed, while the creatures capture denizens for unknown reasons, including the playable character’s sibling. With almost no dialogue–and none in a language heard on Earth–you’ll set out to save your sibling before the alien threat takes her away. It’s a little dark at times, but never more so than Ghibli’s most elementary efforts.

The addition of a cat-like companion who assists you in solving puzzles is the type of mechanical and narrative layer that elevates Planet of Lana from the crowded space of cinematic platformers to one of the subgenre’s more unique exemplars. While the game is primarily intended to be a mood and narrative-driven experience, the puzzles and platforming elements never become difficult, and they feel challenging enough to provide satisfaction for having completed each section without ever crossing into aggravating puzzles or unreliable mechanics. ‘Mark Delaney’


When a new Bethesda RPG is released, it feels like a big deal, and Starfield is no exception. Starfield, the long-awaited spacefaring RPG from the team behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, is a massive game, and it’s easy to get lost in it while hopping from planet to planet and unraveling so many quest threads. While the exploration of space leaves something to be desired, the combination of satisfying FPS combat, dogfights with customizable ships, base building on any planet, and dialogue decisions to make all contribute to a flow that will have you chasing one quest after another.

The main story is frequently not the main course in Bethesda RPGs, and Starfield is no exception–there’s plenty to discover across the universe, such as intriguing side quests that will lead you down unexpected paths and intense firefights that will allow you to flex your arsenal of weapons. Throughout it all, the sensation of landing on new planets and immersing oneself in their atmosphere instills a sense of awe in its massive scale. Starfield has flaws that keep it from being great, but any Xbox Series X or S owner should play it to experience one of Xbox’s big blockbusters.

“Its satisfying gunplay makes combat exciting, especially when it’s integrated into setpieces within its better, more captivating questlines,” wrote one reviewer of Starfield. And, while its vision of space exploration is limited, there is a novelty in poking around the galaxy to see star systems up close and personal, and occasionally finding side content worth pursuing.” Michael Higham’s

Party Animals

A surprising subgenre of party game was born years ago: squishy little fellas doing silly things. I’m not sure what to call this genre, which includes Gang Beasts, Human Fall Flat, and many others, but Party Animals is the most recent–and arguably the best. Party Animals, which debuted on Game Pass, is the prettiest of all the games like it, with each of its goofy anthropomorphized animal characters having a level of fidelity that competitors have never approached. However, visual fidelity is merely a nice bonus to what is, above all, a lovely party game.

If you’ve played similar games, you’ll recognize some of the game modes: arcade sports, Royal Rumble-style elimination modes atop moving airplanes, and PvP competitions in which players score points for their team while sabotaging others. The controls are unavoidably unwieldy in this genre, as the flopping around of these mascots is intended to be somewhat unpredictable, but the nice thing is that they’re just a bit more reliable here, creating a minor skill gap without sacrificing the carefree nature of this kind of game.

No matter how hard-fought a round is or how wheezy your cough becomes as the cartoon chaos unfolds, it always ends with a LittleBigPlanet-style pose for the camera, allowing groups of four, five, or even more players to climb over, crash into, and headbutt each other once more to earn the center of the frame. These stills at the end of each game perfectly capture the atmosphere of Party Animals, where losing can be more enjoyable than winning in some games. ‘Mark Delaney’

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In conclusion, Xbox’s exclusive games in 2023 demonstrated the platform’s dedication to diverse and captivating gaming experiences. These exclusives showcase Microsoft’s commitment to delivering unique content, from cutting-edge graphics to innovative gameplay. These games, which cater to a wide range of tastes, strengthen Xbox’s competitive edge and foster a strong community. In the future, Xbox’s emphasis on innovation and partnerships promises an exciting future for platform gamers.

What is the most powerful Xbox 2023?

The Xbox Series X has the most processing power of any current-generation console and nearly twice the storage of the Series S. Get the Series X if you plan to use it with a 4K TV (now or in the future), want the best graphics and performance, or need a disc drive for games and movies.

What is the most successful Xbox game?

Halo 2

Which is the latest Xbox?

Xbox Series X and Series S

Which Xbox is the fastest?

Xbox Series X

What is the most powerful console?

Xbox Series X

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