A New PlayStation Handheld is reportedly in development 2023.

New PlayStation: – In this article, we have a news for you, A new PlayStation Handheld is reportedly in development. Sony is currently developing a new PlayStation handheld device for PlayStation 5 owners. The device, dubbed Q Lite, is said to require a PS5 and a constant internet connection to function. The handheld will not support cloud streaming and will only allow users to “remote play” games from the current PlayStation generation.

Another piece of the PlayStation that Sony will offer as an extract of the PS5 is the PlayStation. If true, the Q Lite will be able to stream anything above 1080p at 60 frames per second while connected to the internet. Early prototypes allegedly show that the device shares many similarities with the PS5 DualSense controller in terms of physical details.

That includes appropriate spots and haptic feelers, as well as various other common handheld spaces such as the volume buttons, speaker, and audio input jack. All of this is made possible by the eight-inch LCD display located in the centre of the Q light.

Q Lite

A New Playstation Handheld is reportedly In development

The Q Lite is reportedly in the quality assurance phase and will be released after the rumoured PS5 detachable disc drive, but before the rumoured PlayStation 5 Pro, which is expected to launch in holiday 2024. However, another reputed insider, Jeff Grubb, recently advised fans to “scale down” their expectations that a new PlayStation Handheld device is in the works.

He stated that he has never heard of a PlayStation Vita 2, but rather of a “cloud-streaming handheld,” which would correspond to what Insider Gaming reports.

Sony has not yet confirmed the existence of the Lite, and many details remain unknown. Even if the light is real, those with less stable internet connections are unlikely to be able to get 1080p at 60 flashes. With this in mind, as well as the numerous other options available, one has to wonder if a non-cloud-streaming PlayStation Handheld will be released. We’re looking to find out more about its cost, rumours, and existence soon.


In a conclusion, Looking at all this, I came to the conclusion that Sony will not launch a Q Lite, as I said in this review. Sony tries to give the PS5 a bit of a kick when he’s asked to play it, but it’s all too natural to care. 


Who is the owner of Qlite?

ANKIT MITTAL is Director of Qlite.

Is Sony making a new handheld?

Meanwhile the new handheld device is described as a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller with an 8-inch LCD screen, but the problem is that it only works with Sony`s PlayStation-related Play.

Why did the PS Vita fail?

The PS Vita was not selling well

Is Sony replacing the PS5?

Sony is reportedly still working on radical changes to its PlayStation 5 product.

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