Top 5 Live Game Streaming Platform you should know

Over the past few years, numerous companies have launched live game streaming platforms. Young people nowadays are very connected to the gaming world, and they enjoy sharing their experiences on social media. Live game streaming technology allows gamers to capture exciting gaming moments in high-quality video, which can be shared with large audiences via streaming platforms. Many live-streaming platforms require careful consideration but choosing the best one.

Below are our picks for the top 5 live gaming streaming platforms:-


Twitch helps gamers easily live to stream their videos on all major social media platforms. It also shows information about the updated video’s total followers, total views, and live viewers.

Key Features

  • Very simple to set up, with a versatile user interface.
  • Twitch is compatible with almost all popular video streaming programs.
  • We provide content from both professionals and amateurs.
  • Access is completely free.
  • A Twitch Turbo account grants you access to more chat rooms, exclusive emotions, and other features.

You’ll be irritated by its never-ending video ads, and it doesn’t even offer mobile streaming.


HitBox’s user interface is nearly identical to that of most competing video game streaming platforms, but it works well with a nice color scheme. Users can easily search for their favorite videos here, and streams can be classified as private, public, or adult-only.

Key Features

  • It provides useful streaming options as well as simple video categorization.
  • The interface is straightforward and appealing.
  • To live stream videos using HitBox, you must have a high-performance computer, and but in-built capture cards and external devices can be used for recording.
  • This platform is available for free.


This website provides the slickest designs for video streaming needs and operates as smoothly as butter during the browsing process. Every month, Beam attracts approximately 100,000 new and unique views, and the community is rapidly expanding.

Key Features

  • This website has the slickest design for video streaming needs and runs as smoothly as butter during the growing process.
  • Every month, Beam gains approximately 100,000 new and unique viewers, and its community is rapidly expanding.
  • Beam supports video recording with 4k abilities at 60 fps (frames per second).

YouTube Gaming

The YouTube gaming design is a mix of hit-and-miss, but the layout isn’t too bad. it supports videos with a 4K resolution and a frame rate of 60 frames per second. There are numerous transcoding options available to streamers. It makes it easier for users to stay organized because videos and streams are much easier to manage.

Key Features

  • The number of users on the YouTube gaming platform is continually expanding.
  • Both the iOS and Android platforms are now supported by the mobile application.
  • Its layout is fairly tidy, as you will notice.
  • The caliber of the content used to be adequate.

Bigo Live

One of the social media video streaming applications with the quickest growth is Bigo Live. Its most recent upgrade added expanded support for all of its extensive capabilities, making it simple to meet game broadcasting requirements. Users will be able to communicate directly with the Bigo Live Community thanks to this, and the platform’s video streaming is a great way to connect people.

Key Features

  • This tool is easily accessible on Android APK, Google Play, and Mac.
  • It helps users broadcast content quickly and easily to well-known social networking platforms.
  • It provides several choices for game broadcasting.


These are the 5 Game Stream Platforms that you should know before doing any Live Stream. The most used gaming Platform is YouTube Gaming. You must try it once. The payout of Youtube Gaming is very good. That’s the only reason everyone suggests YouTube Gaming.

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